Burt's Buddy Bunker (14+)

Alright men... our 'pal' Burt from down the street is a supposed all-star drinker and that big, gold trophy he won at the last neighborhood drink-off? It's worth thousands!

You see, we at the Boyish Ragtag of Operatives (
B.R.O.) know that he cheated and think it's time to teach him a lesson. Burt's wife Tracy turned traitor and informed us that he hid it away in his man cave, as well as made an excuse for him to leave the house for a while.

Can you help us find a way in and snatch the gold before Burt blows his top?

Difficulty: Medium

Capacity: 1-4 players (2-4 recommended)

Length: 45 minutes

Price: TBD

Tools needed:

• Desktop/laptop (1280 x 800px minimum resolution)

• Paper and writing utensil