Devil's Den (18+)

Your former best friend who you've helped in the past is a d#ck.

He just stole your last stash of weed and is hiding it in his room. Little does he know, you're a genius even after a toke and are not easily deterred by another challenge.

While he is away on a deal, you've found an opportunity to get your green goods back. Can you complete this high-stakes heist before it goes up in smoke?

Difficulty: Easy

Capacity: 1-4 players

Length: 15 minutes (recommended)

• [Suggested] Background playlist: Click here

Tools needed:

• Desktop computer

• Paper and writing utensil

How to play:

• Click on photos to view clues and on items to interact with them.

• Click the side arrows of clue windows to sort through multiple clues.

• Click the 'solve' buttons to enter puzzle solutions.

• Self-service hints are available at the bottom of every page.

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